KiviSec Philosophy

At Kivisec, our approach is rooted in demystifying cybersecurity. We translate complex security concepts into clear and actionable defense instructions, empowering organizations to build robust defenses. We prioritize a deep understanding of real-world threats and focus on the security controls that truly strengthen your defense posture. Above all, we believe in the power of education, ensuring that the right personnel are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard your digital assets effectively. With Kivisec, cybersecurity becomes transparent, practical, and fortified against evolving threats.

KiviSec - Cognitive Security Berlin

Complexity Reduction

Too much paperwork, overly complicated processes, and rigid, formal frameworks can overwhelm organizations. This complexity can induce confusion and hinder effective implementation, especially when dealing with outdated protocols and practices.
Cyber defense often suffers from the perception of being excessively complicated. While certain technical implementations are indeed quite complex, this is not necessarily true for all aspects of cyber defense. By working at the appropriate level of technical abstraction and providing clear instructions on how to defend against the latest and most relevant threats, the complexity can be significantly reduced.

Realistic Threat Perception

Due to the dynamic nature of cyber attacks, and consequently cyber defense, defenders must keep track of how current attacks are being executed. Often, defenders and defense frameworks address threats and implement defense measures that are no longer relevant. KiviSec advocates for realistic cyber defense, focusing on contemporary threats and what attackers are actually doing in the wild.

Many defense strategies do not adequately consider the tactics employed by real-world threat actors. Failing to incorporate the methods and techniques of cybercriminals can leave organizations vulnerable to the tactics of these agile adversaries.

Setting Priorities

Allocating resources and attention to the right topics and defense controls is paramount for effective cyber defense. Our counseling approach is dedicated to helping clients understand where they are truly vulnerable, advising them to focus on emerging threats before gradually moving to the particular topics and detail work.

Cyber threats are ever-evolving, but some security measures remain static. Focusing solely on traditional, fixed defenses can lead to vulnerabilities against novel and sophisticated attack vectors.

Human Centered Approach

Often, companies rely solely on technical solutions to tackle cybersecurity, neglecting the significant impact of human interaction with technical systems. Attackers constantly evolve their tactics and toolsets to circumvent technical defenses. KiviSec emphasizes the importance of education at all levels of human responsibility for cybersecurity, including management, engineers, and non-technical staff members.

Furthermore neglecting the importance of user awareness, training, and education can leave an organization susceptible to social engineering attacks, one of the most common entry points for cybercriminals.