Cognitive Engineering Assessment

Cognitive Engineering Assessment: Strengthening Your Human Shield Against Cyber Threats

Cognitive Engineering Assessment is a specialized cybersecurity service meticulously designed to fortify your organization’s defenses against the ever-evolving world of cyber threats.


Why Assess Human Cognition for Cybersecurity?

In today’s digital landscape, cyberattacks often find their entry point through human cognitive vulnerabilities. Up to 70% of successful cyberattacks leverage these weaknesses, and with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, the human cognitive attack surface is expanding in unprecedented ways.


How Does Cognitive Engineering Assessment Differ?

Our service stands apart by focusing exclusively on assessing and mitigating potential human cognitive vulnerabilities. We recognize that humans are both the front line of attack and defense. Our assessment hones in on analyzing the comprehension and resilience of human attack vectors within your organization, bolstering your defenses against evolving threats.


What’s Involved in the Assessment Process?

Our rigorous assessment process includes:

  • Analyzing publicly available information to identify potential cognitive attack vectors.
  • Identifying employees most likely to be targeted for initial access.
  • Deploying necessary auxiliary technical infrastructure, including phishing landing platforms, AI-generated voice/video for deception, and malware testing.
  • Assessing employee reactions and briefing staff.
  • Ongoing evaluation and reinforcement for vigilant employees.

Benefits of Cognitive Engineering Assessment

  • Focused and objective assessment solely targeting human vulnerabilities.
  • Enhanced employee training, reducing the risk of cyberattacks.
  • Continual reinforcement of employee awareness and motivation to combat cognitive cyber threats.

How Often Should Organizations Undergo an Assessment?

Cognitive Engineering Assessments can be scheduled on an as-needed basis or more regularly, such as monthly or biannually. Regular assessments not only maintain vigilance against threats but also foster a positive security culture within your organization, providing constructive feedback for vigilant behavior.