Scenario-based Risk Assessment

Our Scenario-based Risk Assessment is our contribution to protect your IT-infrastructure with the current best-knowledge defense measurement given the available resources. We analyse your infrastructure, setup, and IT habits and provide you with plausible attack steps and -scenarios. From there, we deliver tailored recommendations for state-of-the-art defense measures, ensuring your organization stays ahead of evolving threats.

Scenario-Based Risk Assessment: Overview

By conducting a comprehensive scenario-based risk assessment, we provide clients with actionable insights to enhance their cybersecurity resilience. Our approach combines technical expertise with strategic foresight, empowering organizations to mitigate risks effectively and safeguard their digital assets against evolving threats.

1. Client-Centric Attacker Analysis:

2. Infrastructure Analysis:

3. Access Point Evaluation:

4. User and Identity Management Review:

5. Attack Scenario Development:

6. Risk Rating and Prioritization:

7. Proactive Defensive Measures: