Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is all about the Who, How and What in cyberattacks. We utilize Artificial Intelligence to harness and analyze a wide range of intelligence sources to provide you with actionable knowledge about the tactics and procedures used by cyber threat actors. Stay updated, keep learning, and protect your digital assets with our Threat Intelligence reports.

KiviSec Threat Reports

At KiviSec, we are dedicated to not only providing you with current threat intelligence reports but also assisting you with comprehension and implementing controls in response to the evolving threat landscape. We value close connections with our clients, helping them understand and navigate current and emerging threats effectively. Our threat reports are accompanied by personal threat analysts who help interpret and contextualize the latest cyber threat developments.

Threat Intelligence Contents

KiviSec Vulnerability Management

With KiviSec Vulnerability Management, you can eliminate the burden of tracking new vulnerabilities impacting your IT infrastructure. We analyze and document your software stack to identify potential exploitation by external attackers. We continuously monitor emerging software vulnerabilities and promptly inform you as soon as relevant public information becomes available. Additionally, we provide consultation on addressing critical vulnerabilities and guide you through the entire process until your systems are secure again.

External Software Vulnerability Management