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KiviSec is a creative cybersecurity consulting firm offering innovative solutions to protect your digital assets in the era of Artificial Intelligence specialized in Cognitive Security.

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Empower your organization with the knowledge to defend against state-of-the-art cyber threats. Explore the tactics, tools, and procedures used in contemporary cyberattacks with our ‘Adversary Tactics Education’ service.

Stay informed and fortified against emerging cyber threats with our “AI Threat Education” service and successfully navigate the evolving landscape of AI-driven cyberattacks.

Cognitive Assessment is a specialized security service that assesses and fortifies your employees’ security mindset, enhancing their preparedness for future cyber attacks.

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Cognitive Security is Key

“Cognition involves various components, including perception, attention, memory, information processing, problem-solving, and decision-making, all of which work together to allow humans to interact with their environment, understand complex concepts, and adapt to changing circumstances.”

“Definition of Cognition.” ChatGPT

Cognitive Attack Surface

The cognitive attack surface emerges due to a lack of knowledge regarding potential attack vectors and the exploitation of cognitive vulnerabilites within the human element. To effectively defend against and prepare for cyber-threats in today’s fast-paced and dynamic AI-enabled environment, it is absolutely crucial to comprehend how your organization might be targeted. KiviSec specializes in assisting organizations to comprehensively grasp and fortify their cognitive attack surface, with a particular focus on threats arising from AI.

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